It is time for a CHANGE.


Hello all you beautiful people out there! I just want to start with saying Thank you so much for following my food blog. I know it isn’t one of the prettiest blogs out there, but I will have you know I am revamping the WHOLE thing! Essentially I would like to start new, BUT one thing is stopping me: The pins of the food on pinterest, and the follows on certain recipes, etc. I don’t want anyone to lose their recipes, that would just be horrible. So what I plan on doing is this- One by one, I will be EDITING and REMAKING every single recipe on this blog. Some I may end up removing completely, so if there is a recipe you do really enjoy, please copy it now. I may or may not have a written copy of the recipe, so I wouldn’t be able to help you out in any other way. Some recipes will stay- names, ingredients and measurements may change. My main concern is taking better photo’s of the food itself, as well as making sure all the measurements are correct. I generally just free add everything instead of measuring, so the numbers can be off. I would like to change that to make the recipes easier for you. This will take me some time to do, as I will be adding new recipes to the blog as well.

One other thing, I have been going through my fridge and freezer every week lately. I notice that sometimes they can get quite full and some food ends up going to waste. What I would like to start doing here, is use my meal plans, possibly make grocery lists every week or 2 weeks and use up EVERY ingredient we buy. (This doesn’t include pantry items that keep for some time.) For example, if a recipe called for one tiny spoon of parsley for garnish, I would like to incorporate that parsley into a sauce, or another dish to use it up completely. I find this helps keep my grocery budget well under control with absolute minimal food waste.

So here we go, new version of “Daily cooking adventures” is being launched! I will try and post every single day, but sometimes I get spoiled and I don’t have to make my own dinners! Rare, but it does happen. Here is to a fresh start!

Thanks all, much love

xox Shannon

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